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Cecile Azem, inspired by creativity, present, in all stages of her life, an artistic questioning.
First in architecture and fine arts, she developed a passion for photography, design and web design. Her artistic multidisciplinary leads her to the Chambre Syndicale of Parisian Couture school where her talent was recognized.
Cecile Azem enters the high fashion houses like Lolita Lempicka & Givenchy. She carries her skills and hones her style that she hardly desire to combine with natural, noble and ecological material.
She cherish the dream to express her fashion sensitivity : rhyming ethical and aesthetic style.

In 2010, she fully expresses her creativity by launching its own brand. Combining her talents as a fashion designer, photographer and webdesigner, Cecile Azem reflects her world in the artistic direction of Eros & Agape, where she invites you to share her love of poetry.

In 2014, Ophelie Moreau is joining the adventure as textile designer, she draws every pattern, embroidery and ornaments of the collections.
Fascinated by art of the detail, she trained at the Master Jeweler Philippe Ratinaud, then she joined a BMA Art Embroidery in Paris where its appeal for drawing becomes obvious.
In Paris, both are introduced and this is the start of an artistic friendship.
Since then, Ophelie Moreau is an illustrator with an oneiric style blend delicacy and precision and it's under the name of Zoe Crevette that she's published at Mic Mac editions and Scutella editions.


Aerial, voluptuous and chic, the style designs elegant silhouettes mixing confortable cuts with luxurious fabrics made of natural, noble and organic fibers.

The essence of Eros & Agape places the femininity at the heart of its inspiration with an ethereal distinction. Feed on art, its universe, cerulean in summer becomes comfort in winter and offers a romantic sensibility for everyday.

The Eros & Agape Women is sparkling. She knows intuitively playing with her femininity and her elegance. Engaged, she knows how to combine speech to actions, and she's daily acting at her scale with energy and intelligence. Her sensitivity to the environment and the welfare of the living beings are expressed through its beliefs carrier clothes.


All Eros & Agape garments are designed and manufactured in France.

Eros & Agape offers original clothing made ​​to order in small series. Each step of the production carefully use techniques of french high-fashion crafts providing reliability.


All the materials selected are eco-friendly and carefully chosen for their quality, durability, softness and luxurious look.

They are transformed in France or in Europe, a guarantee of quality and a limit to the traveled distance of the final product.




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